IPEG meeting




The 19th biennial IPEG Meeting will be held in NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS from 26th to 30th October 2016






Keynote speakers include:


Fernando Lopes da Silva

Ole Jensen

Igor Timofeev
Hans-Peter Landolt
Sandra Loo





This conference has been accredited by the Dutch association for Psychiatrists (NVvP) for 24 points


Note: In case that an announced speaker will not appear at the meeting, the IPEG will not be able to reimburse your registration.

The IPEG is a professional association for scientists and researchers actively involved in electrophysiological brain research in preclinical and clinical pharmacology, neurotoxicology, personalized medicine and related areas of interest.

The IPEG has been organizing biennial meetings since its conception in 1980. The last meetings were in Leipzig (Germany - 2014), New York (USA – 2012), Prague (Czech Republic - 2010), Rouffach (France - 2008), Awaji (Japan - 2006), Antwerp (Belgium - 2004) and Barcelona (Spain - 2002).


 The abstract book for the IPEG 2014 meeting in Leipzig can be downloaded here

 The abstract book for the IPEG 2012 meeting in New York can be downloaded here.



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