Impressions from IPEG 2016

The 19th International Pharmaco EEG-Society Meeting 2016 took place in Nijmegen, Netherlands from 26th to 30th October at the Radboud University.

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WHM Prize Nijmegen 2016



Presidential address and welcome by the IPEG president Pim Drinkenburg 


Musical intermezzo: I Bianchi, conductor Jan Pieter Zwart


Lecture hall at the Radboud university during one of the IPEG talks


Lecture room in between talks


Conference dinner at De Waagh in the historic centre of Nijmegen


Members of the IPEG 2016 organizing committee: Madelon Vollebregt, Martijn Arns, Sebastian Olbrich and Gilles van Luijtelaar (from left to right)


Nominees for the Werner Herrmann Memorial Grant 2016



Stephanie Thiebes, winner of the Werner Herrmann Memorial Grant 2016, with the IPEG president Pim Drinkenburg


Closing word and announcement of IPEG 2018 in Zurich by the newly elected IPEG president Sebastian Olbrich


Beautiful historic centre of Nijmegen where IPEG 2016 took place




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