Registration for IPEG Meeting 2018 in Zurich from 21st to 25th November



Click here for download of the registration file (right click and download, opening in a browser with left click will not work properly for some browsers).


Please send your registration via e-mail to ""
After registration, you will receive a confirmation and an invoice via e-mail. 


The fees for registration for the IPEG Meeting 2018 in Zurich are as follows:


Students:                                                         275€ (early bird until July 31st: 230€)


IPEG-Members:                                                385€ (early bird until July 31st: 340€)


Normal Ticket for Non-Members:                        480€ (early bird until July 31st: 430€)



Conference Dinner: 


per person:                                                       60 €





Students:                                                           50 €


Non-IPEG Members                                             80 €


IPEG-Members:                                                  free



In case of early bird registration, we will apply the "early bird rate" although otherwise stated in the registration form.


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