One of the goals of the IPEG is to put forward recommendations on relevant aspects of pharmaco-EEG studies in order to standardize the use of techniques and the presentation of results. One of the advantages of such guidelines is that it facilitates the comparison the results of studies across laboratories. Dedicated sub-committees of the IPEG have been installed to edit these guidelines which are reviewed by a large panel of experts prior to publication.

The following guidelines have been recently issued by the IPEG:
• Guidelines for the recording and evaluation of pharmaco-EEG data in man (2012)
• Guidelines for the recording and evaluation of pharmaco-sleep studies in man (2013)
Guidelines on animal pharmaco-EEG studies are being developed.



Apart from these guidelines various books were published under the auspices of the IPEG:
• Essentials and Applications of EEG Research in Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology. (W.H.I.M. Drinkenburg, G.S.F. Ruigt and M. Jobert, Editors). Unipublish Verlag fur Studium & Praxis, Berlin, 2004. ISBN 3-938212-00-4
• Electrophysiological Brain Research in Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology and Related Fields - An Update, 2000 (B. Saletu, F. Krijzer, G. Ferber and P. Anderer, eds.)
• Pharmaco-EEG and Related Fields: Practical and Theoretical Prospects in Clinical and Preclinical Studies, 1996 (W. Herrmann and F. Krijzer, eds.)
• Electroencephalography in Drug Research (W.M. Herrmann, ed.) Springer Verlag, 1980. (This book was the result of a joint meeting of the German Federal Health Office and IPEG)
A limited number of copies of these books is still available upon request.



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