In memoriam of Dietrich Lehmann 1929-2014


The Dietrich Lehmann Memorial Symposium was well-attended at the University Hospital of Psychiatry in Zurich.


Dietrich Lehmann was a pioneer of EEG mapping and decades ahead of his time. 45 years ago, he published, together with Derek Fender, a case report on a patient with a split chiasm where dipole source analysis was applied to averaged 48- channel visual evoked potentials. Two years later, in 1971 he published the seminal paper entitled ‘‘Topography of spontaneous alpha EEG fields in humans’’ that ultimately established the term EEG topography and paved the way for
innovative spatial analyses of the electric field at the scalp.



Besides his unremitting dedication to the spatial analysis of the EEG, Dietrich’s scientific interest focused on the ongoing fluctuation of the spontaneous neuronal activity of the human brain, its relation to daydreaming, its influence on perception, and its modulation in psychiatric diseases. He discovered that the spontaneous EEG as well as event-related potentials could be divided into continuous segments of stable spatial configurations of the electric field. He named these segments ‘‘functional microstates’’ and proposed that these spatially stationary microstates might be the basic building blocks of information processing, the ‘‘atoms of thought’’.

(source: Program Symposium in memoriam of Dietrich Lehmann (1929-2014))


Prof dr Martha Koukkou-Lehmann presenting at the occasion of the memorial symposium for her late husband Prof Dietrich Lehmann served in several different positions at the IPEG executive board for a great number of years and has made many important contributions to our society.


Dr Pim Drinkenburg, President IPEG


(Nov 2014)

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