Rethinking connectivity analysis

Besides giving an overview of the historical development of connectivity analysis of time-series, the authors further provide a mathematical solution to the occurring problem of the usage of partial directed coherence measures by introducing the "Isolated effective coherence" (iCoh). Although this paper is written in the Pascual-Marqui typical, equation-loaden manner, it is worth reading since it provides an unigque and criticl view on often uncritical used connectivity measures. 

Especially within Pharmaco-EEG research it is important to know about the nature of the underlying measures for reasons of interpretation. One has to understand the factors that have impact on the used measures to be able to drwa the right conclusions when dealing with neurophysiological data. Although sometimes hard to undestand, this work helps to sharpen the view on the physical and mathematical backgrounds of EEG-time series analysis.

However, the question remains if the presented work and the introduced iCoh measure will be made available with an update of the LORETA software. 


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"Isolated effective coherence (iCoh): causal information flow excluding indirect paths".



Posted on 15 mrt 2014


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