About IPEG membership


 IPEG offers different types of membership:


  • Full membership (150 €)
  • Junior membership for students (75 €)
  • Senior membership for senior retired members (75 €)



Special corporate membership for companies for 2500 € with:

-  with an appearance on the homepage for a two year period AND

-  50 % discount on the vendor booth for the next IPEG conference (Nijmegen 2016) OR

-  membership  as regular members for up to five employees for the curent membership period including fee for the next IPEG conference.



The membership fees cover a 2-year period, from 1 year prior to the IPEG Conference (which occurs biennially) until 1 year after. The current membership application period is extended and covers the time between September 2014 and October 2017.

Full membership, Junior membership and Senior membership include discounts to the IPEG biennial conference as well as an online subscription to Neuropsychobiology.


IPEG Membership is open to researchers and licensed clinicians and is subject to approval by the IPEG Board of Directors. Please also include a CV (with a list of publications if applicable) with your application for membership or send seperately to secretary@ipeg-society.org.



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