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Submission of Symposia, Oral Presentations and Posters open NOW!

 Submission will end 31st  August  2018


The 20th biennial IPEG Meeting will be held in Zürich, Switzerland


from 21st-25th November 2018



Confirmed Keynote Lectures*:

Franz Vollenweider, Zurich, Switzerland

Nikolai Axmacher, Bochum Germany

Derk-Jan Dijk, Guildford, England, UK

Nikos K. Logothetis, Tubingen, Germany

 Daniel Brandeis, Zurich, Switzerland

Jonathan Downar, Toronto, Canada


and a special Keynote Lecture on Personalized Medicine by

Martijn Arns, Nijmegen, the Netherlands


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Hotel Contingent for IPEG 2018 and Information about ZURICH


Photos of Zurich


Submission of Symposia, Oral Presentations and Posters open NOW!


Further, we are proud to be enabled by Yasmin Itil Leland to announce for the first time the ‘Prof. Dr. Turan M. Itil, MD, FAPA, FACNP Memorial Grant’, which is aimed at supporting high-quality EEG scientists, future Neuropsychiatrists, Psychopharmacologists, Electrophysiologists and inventors as he was in life to participate and present at the IPEG biennial International Symposium and Training course. More information on this grant will follow.


The IPEG is a professional association for scientists and researchers actively involved in electrophysiological brain research in preclinical and clinical pharmacology, neurotoxicology, personalized medicine and related areas of interest.

The acronym IPEG stands for International Pharmaco-EEG Society and the IPEG was established in 1980 (history). IPEG members include active members, junior and senior members, corporate members and honorary members. For membership details and becoming a member please go to the subscription page.


The IPEG has been organizing biennial meetings since its conception in 1980. The last meetings were in Nijmegen (Netherlands - 2016)Leipzig (Germany - 2014)New York (USA – 2012), Prague (Czech Republic - 2010), Rouffach (France - 2008), Awaji (Japan - 2006), Antwerp (Belgium - 2004) and Barcelona (Spain - 2002).



  See Impressions from the last Meeting in Nijmegen, Netherlands 2016


 The abstract book for the IPEG 2016 meeting in Nijmegen can be downloaded here.


 The abstract book for the IPEG 2014 meeting in Leipzig can be downloaded here.


 The abstract book for the IPEG 2012 meeting in New York can be downloaded here.



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 * please be aware that although we have confirmed speakers, the IPEG society is not able to provide any kind of compensation if one or several announced speakers can not attend the meeting



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