About IPEG


The "International Pharmaco-EEG Society for Preclinical and Clinical Electrophysiological Brain Research" (IPEG) is a non-profit organisation established in 1980 and composed of scientists and researchers actively involved in electrophysiological brain research in preclinical and clinical pharmacology, personalized medicine, neurotoxicology and related areas of interest.

The main purposes of the Society are:


1. to encourage research and training in the fields of application to pharmacology of electrophysiological and neurophysiological methodologies;

2. to promote or organize scientific meetings and related activities;

3. to foster relationships with other scientific societies; and

4. to develop principles of training and guidelines for the application of these methodologies.




IPEG has 3 levels of membership:


1. Active Members: Active membership in the Society may be granted to any individual giving proof of experience and activity in electrophysiological or neurophysiological brain research in clinical or preclinical pharmacology, personalized medicine, neurotoxicology and related areas of interest, including theoretical research.
2. A Junior membership or a Senior membership in the Society can be applied for and obtained in alternative to Active membership, respectively by scientists under the age of 30 or by IPEG members who have formally retired from their professional position.
3. Honorary Members. Honorary membership may be granted to any individual with a record and reputation of distinguished service in the fields of interest of the Society or, more broadly, in neuroscience and brain research. Previous IPEG membership in any class or a formal application are not required; nominations to Honorary Membership shall be made by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly.




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